Payments & Security

Payments at the checkout are made securely through PayPal, Afterpay or SecurePay for all Visa and Mastercard payments.

We take security extremely seriously so all credit card holders are subject to validation and authorisation both by us and the credit card issuer to maintain security and prevent fraud. 

We use industry standard 128bit SSL encryption to accept secure credit card payments. 128bit SSL is regarded as bank grade encryption and is the highest level supported by a standard web browser. 

We will not disclose any of your personal data to other people/organizations.

For more information on how PayPal works, click here.

For more information on how Afterpay works, click here.

Credit Card Fraud Checks

Here at Swimwear Galore, we are very serious when it comes to the security of our customers so we have procedures to ensure all of our customers details are safe and secure.

If we need to perform a credit card verification for your order, you will be notified via your contact email address. Your order will not be dispatched until the verification is complete. All orders may be subject to a credit card security check.