Swimwear Care

Common Causes

Common cause of deterioration can include excessive amounts of chemicals such as chlorine, sunscreen, perfume, deodorant, tanning products and perspiration can all cause staining, ageing & breakdown of your swimwear.

Rinse Your Swimwear

Rinse your swimwear in clean water, or wash with a mild detergent. We use and recommend Aqua Tog Wash to help increase the lifetime of your swimwear.

Avoid Excessive Chlorine

High degrees of chlorine will result in bleaching away the colour and destroying the fabric. For regular use in chlorinated water, such as spas or public pools, we have a great range of chlorine resistant swimwear that we recommend.

Dry Flat

Dry your swimwear flat to prevent dyes running.

Dry In The Shade

Dry in the shade as the damaging rays of the sun will deteriorate the fabric more quickly.

Rough Surfaces

Rough surfaces cause snagging and extra wear & tear to any fabric and your swimwear is no different.

Remove Any Trapped Sand

Remove any trapped sand by gently running your fingernail over your swimwear.