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At Swimwear Galore our passion is helping you feel and look amazing in your swimwear! We feel so privileged when you can leave our store with a smile on your face. 

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Just wanting to shout out Casey and the girls from the Greensborough store. I had the pleasure of going there with a friend this time last year, Casey took us both under her wing and after having walked in with trepidation we left feeling amazing. This time my sister was looking for some bathers so I immediately took her there hoping that Casey was on duty (not saying the others aren’t great but we just love Casey). She did not disappoint. Again, we left the store very happy and of course with bathers we never would have picked, but her knowledge means what could be stressful is very enjoyable. Thanks again Casey, keep up the great work.
- Michelle & Heather

With their honest reviews and kindness I went on to purchase a pair of bathers.

Like most people, bathers shopping can be a torturous and heart breaking thing. Normally I have to mentally prepare myself to look and never find anything I like. Yesterday I went into the Geelong store as I am off to Thailand next week and tried on my normal tankini and shorts which I didn’t love.

The staff were amazing and said we can do better than that, and went on to talk me through about 20 different styles and options. Ones I normally wouldn’t even look at. With their honest reviews and kindness I went on to purchase a pair of bathers I wouldn’t have looked at, and now my holiday which I have been looking forward to for months is complete with a beautiful pair of bathers that I feel comfortable in, thanks to your amazing staff! 5 stars review from me. Keep up the good work.

- Christine

What you are saying about our online service

Their customer service was over and above. It took me a couple of tries to get the right fit but my return and refunds were handled quick and prompt. The end result was a bathing costume that fitted me in time for my holiday.
- Google Customer Review

Every part of the service was excellent. Fast delivery, free easy returns and refund sorted straight away. I never knew online shopping could be that easy.
- Google Customer Review

I have purchased several times from Swimwear Galore. I have never had any problems. Products always arrive on time. I love the tracking process. The swimwear sizes are spot on and they are always what they look like on the website. The website is very easy to purchase from.
- Google Customer Review

5 stars Google Rating - 100% Positive

Myself and two girlfriends ventured into your Greensborough store this morning… WOW. The manager there was absolutely delightful and on the ball with all three of us, actually all the staff were but the manager was our first point of call when we entered and she was amazing, you certainly have the right lady for the job. Three ladies in their forties not overly confident with our motherly bodies but we all walked out on top of the world. Huge applause for you all at Greensborough well done! We’ll be back for sure! Thank you.
- Shelley

I just wanted to send a big shout out to your girls who are at your Greensborough store! This has been my third time in the Greensborough store and each time it has been a wonderful experience. I absolutely hate bather shopping and have, like most women, major hangups about my shape but Kellie and her sidekicks made each experience an enjoyable one. Their advice was honest which is almost unheard of in the fashion retail industry and I left the store with a bag full of gorgeous swimwear and a lot more confidence in my bodyshape.
Another time, I brought my 80 year old mum in and they showed her the exact same honesty and friendliness and she almost bounced out of the store with her new swimwear. I just wanted to let you know what an impact these girls had on my mum and I. Keep up the good work.
- Cathy

I was absolutely convinced there would be nothing I would be comfortable in, that everything would look awful and I was about to be completely humiliated. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I visited your Greensborough, Victoria store as I needed to purchase a new pair of bathers for my upcoming holiday and wanted to give you some feedback.
I am a 47 year old woman who is very self conscious about my body and have not been happy in a pair of bathers for many many years. In fact I seem to have developed an unfortunate habit over the last few years of buying a new pair of bathers every year, wearing them once or twice at the beach in summer and hating them so much that get relegated to a draw to never be worn again!

A work colleague recommended your company so I went into the store dreading every minute! I was absolutely convinced there would be nothing I would be comfortable in, that everything would look awful and I was about to be completely humiliated. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

The very lovely and amazing Casey and her trainee staff member Sarah spotted me looking a little panicky and immediate came to help. I encouraged to explain what I was wanting and what my ‘hang ups’ were and Casey reassured me we would find something perfect if I was prepared to let her help and help me she did! She collected a number of suits to try on but recommended one in particular. I tried that one on first and that was it! MY SUIT! It is perfect and for the first time ever I am comfortable and happy in a pair of swimmers. So much so in fact that even with other customers in the changing room area I wasn’t worried about other people seeing me in the suit - even with my pasty white winter body!!

Casey - you are an amazing employee and a fabulous human being. Your understanding and caring nature and product knowledge made what was probably one of the most confronting shopping expeditions for me an absolute pleasure and I can’t wait to wear my suit on ALL the water slides in Florida! Thank you!
- Rebecca

Just a quick note of thanks to the sensational Claudia who looked after my sister and I as we visited the Fitzroy store last Thursday. All the staff were sensational, in particular Claudia who helped us in the change rooms with different sizes and colours. A sensational champion of customer service. Nothing was too much and she did it with a smile. We drove over an hour to visit your store and well worth it!
- Casey

Had to share my positive experience from today at Swimwear Galore Greensborough, Vic.

After having my second baby mid last year, it's time to turf the bikinis that, let's face it, I'll never wear again, and buy a nice one piece that hopefully hides all the wobbly bits (thanks pregnancy!) I had my plan: go into swimwear galore, try on one of everything and buy the one that fits (and makes me feel) the best. Quickly in and out, talk to no-one!

However, the sales assistant, Casey, who ended up giving me a hand (and yes, I definitely needed it) was AMAZING. She made me feel comfortable, understood my needs as a breastfeeding mum and worked some incredible magic with my choice of pattern, size and fit. She was brilliant. I'd never been there before now and I don't think I'll ever go anywhere else again!

- Shauna