So you're looking for a new pair of sunglasses?

Whether it's for a planned holiday or everyday life, it's important to really know the differences between the various styles of sunglasses. In particular, polarised vs. non-polarised....

What Are Polarised Sunglasses?

Well, the term polarised is defined as: restricting the vibrations of a transverse wave (especially light) wholly or partially to one direction.

What this means (in terms of sunglasses) is that polarised lenses work by preventing light glare from hitting you directly in the eye. They essentially act as a filter. As glare is typically horizontal light, polarised lenses only allow vertical light in. And so, this helps to eliminate the glare from shining directly into your eyes.

Isn’t science cool?!

Benefits Of Polarised Sunglasses

Other than eliminating glare better than any regular sunglasses, polarised sunnies also improve vision clarity in bright situations and are perfect for anybody who is outside a lot. Do you ever find it hard to drive with the sun beaming through your window? Polarised sunglasses will help with that too!

However, a common misconception about polarised sunglasses is that they’re all UV protected.

This is not true.

UV-protected lenses work by shielding your eyes against harmful UV exposure, which is linked to cataracts and eye damage. However, as UV lenses don’t prevent glare, we recommend looking for sunglasses that are BOTH polarised and offer UV protection. Preferably with a UV category of 3!

Here are some of our favourites:

Le Specs Le Vacanze Sunglasses

With a thick framed, cat-eye shape, these sunnies are a perfect stylish everyday option that also keep those eyes protected. The dark tort gradient colouring offers a classic, elegant style and with fixed nose pads, you'll always be comfortable. The UV category is 3 and they feature polarised lenses. 

Retailing for $89.00 

Seafolly Hamilton Sunglasses

Now these Hamilton Sunglasses aren't polarised BUT they do offer 100% UV protection with a UV category of 3 - oh and they look super cute too! With an oversized style, you'll still feel protected from the sun's beams as you relax and unwind. Plus they come in three stunning colour options: Black, Dark Tort and Sand.

Retailing for $79.95

Le Specs Fire Starter Sunglasses

Looking for something a little more simplistic and affordable too? Then these Fire Starter Sunnies might just be the ones for you! With rounded, polarised frames and a UV category of 3, they feature a transparent frame which will literally go with EVERYTHING...

Retailing for $69.00

Are Polarised Sunglasses Worth the Investment?

In short, yes. But it’s also important to do some research and thinking about what suits you best.

You might actually just be looking for a cute pair of sunnies to style with your latest outfit and will only be outside for a small fraction of the time. In that case, these options are probably better suited to you:

Seafolly Stockton Sunglasses 

Le Specs Subdimension Sunglasses

Seafolly Tamarama Sunglasses

But otherwise, if you’re looking for a pair of sunnies that’ll keep you sun-safe and glare free. A pair you can wear throughout everyday life.

Then polarised sunglasses with a UV Category of 3 is the best option!