Whether you prefer swimming lengths in the local pool, training for an indoor race or hitting the open water, a good pair of goggles can make all the difference! If you're not sure which is best for you, keep reading below and we will take you through some key things about purchasing your next pair of goggles.


Misting or fogging is caused by the difference in the temperature between the cold of the water and the warm skin of the swimmer. The temperature difference causes a thin film of water vapour to build up on the inside surface of the lens, which restricts visibility.

To stop this occurring, all our top goggle brands including Speedo, have a anti-fog solution applied to the inner surface of the goggle lens. This formula repels the water vapour from the lens surface, which stops the mist, or fog from forming.

If you find you need extra protection we also sell Speedo Antifog Wipes.



Ultraviolet rays (UV) are harmful to the eyes, so all goggles we stock have UV protection and moulded from special grades of plastic to absorb ultraviolet light. However, there is many different types of lenses to suit how you swim! To find out which is best for you, we have gone through the different types of lenses that are out there. 


Clear - Designed for low light where maximum visibility is required. Ideal for indoor swimming.

Pictured: Speedo Futura Classic Goggle


Smoke - Provides protection from direct sunshine and bright conditions. Ideal for bright pools and outdoor swimming.

Pictured: Speedo Vue Goggle


Blue - Reduces glare from the water in bright conditions. Great all round lens.

Pictured: Speedo Futura Classic Goggle


Lilac - Offers best contrast for objects against green and blue backgrounds. Ideal for everyday/regular swimming.

Pictured: Speedo Junior Futura Classic Goggle


Polarised - Designed for high and low light environments. Amplifies light levels when indoors – increasing vision.

Pictured: Speedo Futura Biofuse Triathalon Goggle


Mirror - Mirror coating is applied to normal tinted lens. Reduces brightness and glare. Ideal for racing and competitions.

Caring For Your Goggles


Goggle Care

To obtain maximum benefit, keep lenses clean and free from dirt and grease. Rinse in clean cold water after every use. Do not wipe or rub the inside lens of the goggle.


Fitting Your Goggles

Position goggles on face and stretch headstrap over back of the head to rest at a 45 degree angle on the crown of the head. Continue to make adjustments until leaking stops. To clear water or to adjust goggles, tilt slightly away from face.


Removing Your Goggles

To remove goggles safely, put thumbs under head strap at side of head. Slide thumbs to back of head and lift elastic from back to front of head.


Adjusting the Nose Piece

For a comfortable watertight seal with a notched nose bridge goggle, adjust 1 notch at a time, together or further apart. When happy with the fit you may remove excess nose piece with scissors. For other goggle types, adjustment is either not necessary or a selection of nose bridges will be supplied to gain correct fit.


Safety Warning

Take care when removing swim goggles. Never pull eye cups away from face as they may spring back and cause eye damage. Discontinue use immediately if irritation arises.