Ever wondered if you can swim whilst on your period? Or how to swim on your period?


Did you know that swimming during that time of month has actually never been easier? Yep, that's right. Introducing our latest gamechanging swimwear: period proof swimwear! Available in styles suitable for both women and girls, never skip a pool or beach day again with Modibodi and Love Luna.

Swimming On Your Period - How Does It Work?

You might be wondering, how does this even work? Is it even possible to not leak without wearing a tampon? And the answer is yes, it's totally possible. And here's how;

  • Fast drying absorbent lining keeps you comfortable & protected at all times
  • Patent-pending gusset tech holds light to moderate flow
  • With discreet built-in four layer protection, you'll feel like you're wearing just a normal swimsuit 
  • Water repellent fabric for quick drying abilities (dries 3x faster than normal swimwear)
  • Waterproof gusset outer seals in leaks
  • Easily worn underneath other swimwear

Although, as this swimwear is designed for a light to moderate flow if your period is a little heavier we recommend teaming your swimwear with a menstrual cup for full protection!

The Benefits of Period Swimwear

Because we're all for sustainability around here, we love how eco-friendly these period swimwear options are. The perfect alternative to tampons, all of these styles are washable, reusable and easy to take care of! Rinse your period swimwear with cold water as soon as you can after removal until the water starts to run clear. Then pop them in a washbag with the rest of your delicates and wash with like colours on a cold water cycle (max 30 degrees). It's that easy!


Plus - Modibodi's swimwear is designed from Pre-consumer Recycled Nylon (double win!)

Where To Buy

Looking for period swimwear for yourself or your teenage girl? Look no further. With two new period proof swimwear Australian brands now available, we offer a variety of options to ensure you stay secure and comfortable when swimming on your period.


So whether you're after a one piece design or a simple brief to pop on underneath your favourite bathers, we've got you covered. Period.