Summer 2022 is here! And at Swimwear Galore, we believe that summer is best spent by the pool. So whether you’re diving in head first, or relaxing, sipping a cocktail on a pool float, we’ve got your pool essentials sorted!


Soak in some sunshine with our extensive range of inflatable pool floats and toys. Whether you’re looking to chill out and unwind on a Sunny Life Float Away Lie On Rose Bottle or are in need of a mini float ring for your little ones, we have fun and playful options for everyone in the family.


From classic brands such as Sunny Life, AcquaBoss and more!

Games & Fun

Kick off summer adventures with some fun diving accessories or beach bats that the kids will be sure to love! (Adults too!) With options for kids of all ages, help them to learn how to dive and have a good time in the water safely.


Shop from some of your favourite brands such as Sunny Life, Lazy Dayz, Wahu, Zoggs and more!

Swim Fins & Kickboards

A must have swim essential for little ones starting to swim for the very first time. Kickboards are great as they help to develop leg and core strength, whilst teaching kids how to swim correctly. They're also ideal for adults wanting to improve their strength in the water. Pair it with a pair of swim fins, and swim faster than ever!


You already love our swimwear from Speedo and Funkita - why not get a matching pool accessory?

Water Hammocks

Our latest addition to our pool essentials range: water hammocks! Great fun for the whole family, this summer accessory enables the user to float, by sitting or lying on top of the water effortlessly. Every AcquaBoss purchase also comes with a floating beverage caddy, and a waterproof phone pouch.

 Ear Plugs, Nose Clips & More!

Do you feel like water’s constantly getting into your ear or up your nose as you swim? Our swimming ear plugs and nose clips are a great way to keep the water out and your swim skills up! Alongside our other pool accessories, we ensure that these helpful gadgets are best designed to help you get the most out of your time in the pool.


Shop from some of your favourite brands, including Speedo, Zoggs and more today. 

 Kids' Floaties & Swim Aids

And finally, one of the most important pool accessories for little swimmers this summer: safety! It's so important to stay equipped when in the water so that they can stay safe and protected at all times. That's why we stock a range of super cute, extra safe flotation devices! Perfect for kids aged 1 to 6, teach them how to swim this summer in the safest and best way possible!


With a range of floaties and swim aids available, shop brands such as Speedo, Zoggs and more today. 

Which summer essentials are you needing in 2022? 


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