Wanting to switch up your swimwear? Look no further, as we take you through our favourite ways to style a triangle bikini. Flattering for all, this staple piece can be worn in numerous ways, allowing you to switch up your style!

Ways to Tie a Triangle Bikini

We love a versatile piece. Transform the classic traingle shape to a range of different styles, suited to all shapes and sizes. Whether you are wanting to achieve more coverage or rock the triangle, you can do it all!

Tie Front

Change your look with a simple front bow feature. A tie front creates a cute and stylish look for your next getaway. 

Step 1: Separate the triangles by sliding them apart.

Step 2: Loop the bikini over the head, the points of the triangles should be facing down.

Step 3: Grab the two straps dangling down and tie around the back.

Step 4: Tie the remaining strap between the chest into a cute bow.

Scoop Neck 

This look is perfect at acheving a soft, rounded neckline and is also a great way to add slightly more coverage to the bust area.

Step 1: Turn the bikini top upside down.

Step 2: Tie the underbust strap (where the bottom of the triangle bikini is threaded through) around the neck. 

Step 3: Tie the neck strap around the back.

Step 4: Adjust the triangles by sliding them further apart or closer together to acheive your desired level of coverage. 


Turn this strappy style into a gorgeous, sleek strapless top. Perfect for those wanting to create a bit more cleavage and reduce tan lines.  

Step 1: Lay out the the bikini top on a flat surface.

Step 2: Slide the triangles closer together leaving a 1-2 inch gap.

Step 3: Next, tie the underbust strap into a knot, creating a small circle with a diameter of 2-4 inches.

Step 4: Secure the remaining strap behind the back.


This triangle bikini style is great to add some extra support and lift the bust, drawing the eyes to the neckline.

Step 1: Cross over the front two strings in front of the neck, tying the ends behind.

Step 2: It's as simple as that!


Off the Shoulder

Add a level of sophisticated glam with the trending assymetrical look.

Step 1: Tie the bottom strap as per usual.

Step 2: Grab both ends of the top straps, and hold them over one shoulder.

Step 3: Secure the top straps to the bottom strap.


Criss Cross 

Add gorgeous detailing throughout the torso with this stylish, strappy triangle bikini look. 

Step 1: Cross over and wrap the underbust strap around the torso. This can be done once or twice depending on how strappy you want to get! Secure the straps at the back. 

Step 2: Tie the neck straps as per usual.


How to Style 

To style triangle bikinis as a whole, marry the triangle top with tie-side bottoms. This will compliment the stringy features of the bikini top and the adjustable strings will allow a perfect fit. For those seeking more coverage, opt for a high cut style. This will offer some more coverage all around, whilst tying in nicely with the top.  

Who said bikinis can't be worn out?! For a cute, beachy look, pair your triangle bikini with a matching sarong. Perfect for a quick lunch by the ocean or for a fun summer party. For a sheike, sophisticated look, style the triangle top with a pair of flowy pants and a matching open shirt. We love the Jets Playa Flowing Pant.

There's nothing we love more than a versatille style that can do it all. Whether you’re looking for more support, coverage or to create the illusion of a bigger bust, the triangle bikini is perfect for you. So, how will you be styling your bikini top?