Gone are the days of unflattering, non-trendy rashies & sunsuits...

And in comes the leatest trend: practical, sun safe, STUNNING swimwear that everyone can wear!

Not sure where to start? Wondering if you should invest in a rashie or sunsuit? Don't really know the difference between the two? That's why we're here to help find the perfect option for you and your lifestyle! 


Let’s start with rashie tops.

There are a whole range of different styles when it comes to rashies. You can get short sleeves, ¾ length or long. Zips that run all the way down for easy dressing. No zips at all for that full support. Or something in between!

Mix and match them with your favourite bikini bottoms and you’ll be set to ride those waves safely and comfortably too.

Chlorine Resistant Styles

For our pool swimmers out there, we’re sure you’re quite particular about this component of swimwear. And we understand why! Unfortunately, fabrics such as spandex and lycra can start to disintegrate when exposed to chlorine more than a couple of times a week.

For our surfers or saltwater lovers, this wouldn’t really be an issue for you – but if you are looking for a new rashie top specifically for the pool we recommend our chlorine resistant range, as this fabric is designed for ultimate durability and longevity!

Recycled Materials

If chlorine doesn’t bother you, but remaining eco-friendly does (we hear you!) there are some great rashies to invest in that are made from completely recycled materials. And they still look super cute too! Win, win.

Sun Safety

Maybe one of the reasons you’re looking at purchasing a rashie is for extra sun safety (claps to you!). Not only are rashie tops fabulous at keeping you safe with their long sleeves and high necklines, but they can also feature a UPF 50+ rating too!


Unlike rashies, sunsuits don’t require you to find a matching bottom or wear a bikini top underneath. Nope – they act just like a one-piece swimsuit – just with a little extra protection! These styles also feature different sleeve and zip lengths, and are perfect for any water sport enthusiasts as they’ll keep you safe and secure at all times (no accidental slips here).

Sun Safety

Sunsuits are the same as rashies when it comes to sun safety! In order to keep you safe from the sun’s harsh rays, most of our sunsuits also feature a UPF 50+ rating. This means that you can participate in all of those activities you love whilst still being ultimately protected at all times.

Water Sports

Surfing? Beach volleyball? Running after small children (hey, it’s a sport!) Then our sunsuits are perfect for you! They’ll keep everything locked in place whilst you manoeuvre with life’s water challenges. And have fun doing it too!

Tummy Control

All of the powermesh, please! If you’re looking for something that will suck you in at all the right places, look no further. Powermesh and ruching is our new best friend as it allows the fabric to shape those gorgeous curves and accentuate your figure.