Our SWG team member, Laura, recently ventured to Fiji for a holiday. Turns out she’d completely forgotten how to pack for a holiday (thanks Covid!). This is what she learnt...

1. Don't pack unnecessary items

First things first. Whatever you do, don’t pack your mermaid wand. You won’t use it. Trust me. In fact, you'll probably not even use your hair straightener either. It takes up needed space in your suitcase that could be used for many other practical options.” 


2. Dress for the humidity

Note to self: dressing for a warm, tropical holiday is VERY different to dressing for everyday Melbourne summer. Hello humidity! Usually in summer, I love throwing on a jean skirt and cute top. But I found that in Fiji it was way too hot and sticky on the skin. Not a vibe. Although, luckily I had subconsciously thrown in a couple of oversized shirts and a kaftan, not really thinking I would wear them. But turns out, it was a smart move - I literally lived in them! They were nice, airy and easy to throw over swimwear. Perfect for that strong humidity as I didn’t feel restricted at all.” 


Laura's Favourites:

Sea Level Resort Linen Cover Up

Seafolly Zahara Shirt

3. Try not to go heavy on the books

Pack one book and one book only. Of course, this depends on the type of holiday you’re going on. But personally, as mine was a family vacay, I noticed that I did not pick up my book once (and I’m an avid reader). There was just too much to see and explore. Plus sometimes just relaxing in the water with nothing on your mind tops it all. Although, it is great to have a book handy for the plane - so one should suffice!

4. Sun safety!

If you take only one thing away from this blog; this is the most important. Remember your sunsmart items. You are probably going to be in the sun for 8+ hours a day. So pack sunscreen. Here in Australia, our sunscreen is typically better than overseas sunscreen brands (thanks holes in the ozone) so pack this before and don’t rely on buying it there. A large, oversized hat is also a must. 


And if you have sensitive skin or burn easily, pack a rash top or long sleeve surfsuit. One of my friends got burnt so badly on her arms that she had to buy a mens rashie top at the hotel general store which was WAY too big for her. Trust me, our women's rashies are way more stylish and comfy…


Laura's Favourites:

ROXY Lover In The Sun Bucket Hat

Cancer Council 110ml Ultra Sunscreen 50+

Artesands Hues Seurat Sunsuit

5. Pack a pool float

You may be wondering if I’m serious - and yes, I’m deadly serious. On my holiday we spent a lot of time just chilling in the water and I had seriously wished I had packed my own pool float. In fact, because they’re inflatable and pack down quite small, they’re an easy option to throw in your bag. Specifically I wish I had packed my AcquaBoss Water Hammock as it also has a drink holder for a sneaky cocktail.


Laura's Favourites:

AcquaBoss Water Hammock

Zoggs Trainer Seat - a great option for babies on holiday! Supervision is essential though of course

6. Swimwear choices

Now finally: swimwear! The one thing I actually think I nailed (pats self on back). By packing a few different options, you can dress and feel comfortable depending on what you’re feeling that day. I personally had a few bikini and one piece options (perks of working at Swimwear Galore), so if I felt a bit bloated from eating and drinking all day I opted for a one piece. If you’re doing some water activities, it’s also a good idea to pack some practical options for moving around - boardshorts, rash tops, etc.


Laura's Favourites:

Sea Level Plains Gathered High Waist Pant

Billabong Tanlines Bandeau One Piece

7. Beach bag that doubles as a carry on

I found it super handy to have a medium sized tote bag that I could use as my carry on bag for the plane, and have it double as my beach/pool bag to throw in my sunscreen, book, sunnies, phone, etc. If you already have a carry on bag, a tote bag is still a great idea in general as it can pack down quite small.


Laura's Favourites:

Seafolly Terry Tote

Sunny Life Nouveau Bleu Carry Bag - zip closure ensures safety of personal items

And there you have it! You're packed and ready to go.