If you’re trying to become more sustainable in your day-to-day life, your wardrobe might just be the best place to start! Find swimwear that is both eco-friendly and fashionable so that you can feel and look your best, whilst helping out mother nature simultaneously.


It’s a win, win!

How is sustainable swimwear defined?

All of the eco-friendly swimwear we stock is made up of some, if not all, recycled material. Recycled Nylon is the most common material used in these products. By diverting waste from landfills, using much fewer resources than virgin nylon, Recycled Nylon acts as a great sustainable solution to swimwear. 

Most of this fabrication is made from substances such as plastic bottles or fishing nets too.

But sustainable swimwear still comes in all shapes and forms...

So how do some of the brands we stock create a sustainable shopping environment?


Seafolly has always been about staying ahead of the curve, and helping women feel their absolute best in swimwear. This is why their sustainable swimwear doesn't compromise on style or quality.

One of our favourite Seafolly collections at the moment is the Mandalay collection. Mandalay is a collection all about reconnecting with nature, represented through its earthy olive tones and abstracted animal print. But also through its fabrication. The entire collection is made from 79% Recycled Nylon.


Inspired by the mountains and waves, Roxy is also a brand dedicated to producing quality eco-friendly swimwear. Both Roxy’s women and girls styles are becoming more and more sustainable each year, with Roxy finding new ways to make recycled materials sparkle.

In particular, we’re loving the Pure Sunshine collection this season, with its subtle detailing but beautiful print. Made from 87% Recycled Nylon.

Monte & Lou

Another brand taking center stage in relation to eco-friendly swimwear is Monte & Lou with their consistent dedication to sustainability through their products’ fabrication. With each collection, Monte & Lou emphasizes their flattering fits, beautiful prints, and functional designs.

Our favourites here would have to be the recent Surat collection, as well as Vintage Vacay - we can’t choose, can you? 

With both the shell and lining of each collection featuring 85% Recycled Nylon, we simply can’t look away from these stunning prints. 

So why should we shop eco-friendly styles?

Well... why not?! Here at Swimwear Galore, we greatly value the ocean and the earth we all share. So whenever there’s a way to jump on board with sustainable swimwear options, we’re all for it. 

So will you take the leap in your sustainability journey and update your swimwear with more environmentally friendly options?