Swim lessons! An important part of every young Aussie's life, where they learn how to swim and stay safe in the water.


But let’s be honest… with the mad rush of everyday life, something always seems forgotten or misplaced in the mad dash to the pool. So whether it’s your first time packing for a swim lesson, or your 1000th, we thought that we’d put together a list of our top 8 essential items to pack for your child's next swim class.

1. Swim Bag

A good place to begin, we reckon! Start by finding a swim bag to throw all of those swim lesson essentials into! By keeping everything in a safe place, all together, you’ll ensure that nothing’s left behind every single week. 

Now, of course you need your swim bag to be durable and waterproof. And luckily we have a whole range of fun options to choose from for every member in the family. Whether you’re looking for a handy water-resistant backpack to keep everything safe in its separate compartments, or just an easy mesh bag to grab and go with, we’ve got you and your little ones covered.

2. Swimwear

Seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how often swimwear is left behind in the mad rush. 

It’s also important to remember that whilst your kids are young, they’re going to outgrow their bathers just as quickly as they outgrow their clothes. So that swimsuit you bought them last swim season might not fit the same. Although remember, it still should be a snug fit (just not super tight and uncomfortable)! You don’t want any part of it to slide off their body. 

Oh and if it’s your first time, and you’re taking your baby/toddler into the water, remember a pair of bathers for yourself too! Yep, you’ll be getting in the pool also. We also recommend that parents wear rashies in the pool, as this allows your bubs to grab onto you easily if needed. So be prepared for lots of fun, splashes and blowing bubbles.

3. Swim Nappies

For our babies and toddlers, it’s pretty safe to say that swim nappies are definitely essential. Instead of throw-away options, try to reach for reusable swim nappies, which are way more eco-friendly and will save you some money in the long run. 

If you want more info on the best swim nappies for your kids, check out our blog post on everything you need to know about swim nappies here.

Otherwise, here at Swimwear Galore, we have a range of fun, colourful swim nappies your kids will love.

4. Goggles

Keep your kids' eyes safe and stop the tears with some goggles. Because not only do goggles keep the chlorine out of eyes, but they also encourage better swimming techniques (especially if they’re new to swimming).

There are some great goggle options out there your kids will love wearing too. With fun colours and prints, paired with unique designs, they’ll be swimming like an Olympian in no time.

5. Swim Caps

If your child has longer hair, a swim cap will help to keep that hair out of their face and eyes.

But even if your child's hair is shorter, it’s always a handy accessory to have regardless, as a lot of pools now make swim caps compulsory for everyone.

6. Towels

Don’t forget to bring a towel to the pool deck. It’ll help to keep your child warm after their swim lesson and ensures no wet marks on the car ride home!

But also, importantly, a towel prevents kids dripping and creating water puddles around the pool, which can be a serious slip and fall hazard. 

If your little ones are hard to keep still enough to dry, or hate drying themselves off - towelling robes and ponchos are a great addition for swim lessons. With long or short sleeves, and a hood to keep their hair dry, they’ll stay extra cozy after their class and will be more inclined to actually get out of the water and get dry!

7. Shoes & Thongs

Footwear that is easy to slide on and off is definitely a swim lesson must have! Not only does it keep little feet warm and dry (ish) but it also helps with hygiene too.

The last thing you want is your children running all over the swim centre with bare feet and picking up all that nasty bacteria (yuck!)

8. Other Swim Accessories

Depending on the swim class or your child’s swim level, it could be a good idea to bring some extra gadgets to help them in the water. Such as:


Swim Fins          Kickboards           Pull Buoys          Floaties & Swim Aids

Last Extra Tips

  • Bring a drink bottle and some snacks too for AFTER the swim lesson!
  • Forgotten to wash and dry your child's swimsuit before class? (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!) Quickly hand wash it, rinse, wring out and throw it in your salad spinner (yep, you heard right). It might not get it perfectly dry but it will still be close. Then wrap it in a spare dry towel to absorb that last of the moisture.
  • Keep swim caps clean between swims! Rinse the cap out after swimming, dry it out and then sprinkle on some baby powder. It will absorb the last drops of moisture and help to prevent bacteria from growing. 

So there we have it! Our complete guide to the perfect swim lesson essentials to pack for your kids. 


Now you’re ready to jump in! Good luck.


Oo and remember: just keep swimmin!