Feeling a little lost when it comes to finding the right swimsuit that works for your specific body shape? We totally get it. And it can be frustrating...

We’re sure you’ve heard the terms pear-shaped, hourglass, inverted trapezoid, and maybe you think you fit into one of those certain categories. But the fact of the matter is that this is simply just not true. Gone are the days of, “Oh no, I can’t wear a low-cut bikini because I’m apple-shaped.”

Instead, let’s try to redirect this to, “What will make me feel the most comfortable and confident as I hit the beach or pool?”

Now to help unwrap this a little more, we thought we’d go into a bit more detail about how to find the right swimwear for you – but without these distinctive categories. Let’s talk ACTUAL shape and stop comparing ourselves to foods and upside-down triangles.

Smaller Chest

Finding appropriate swimwear that can both flatter and support your bust can be a challenge at times. This is why we typically recommend styles with features such as frills, ruffles, embellishments and ruching which will help to add some volume. Halter styles, Triangles and Bralettes are also a great option for small bust sizes as they help to keep your girls in place whilst simultaneously boosting them a little. Of course, anything with moulded cups or booster padding will also help make those girls pop!

Colour wise, look for something bright and busy that will make the bust appear wider and fuller than it actually is.

Surf brands such as Billabong feature great shapes for smaller bust sizes.

Larger Chest

For our bigger busted women, we understand the frustration of finding a swim top or swimsuit that fits your bust and your body without digging in or showing too much to the point of discomfort.  Firstly, remember that cup size plays an important factor in finding the right fit for you. You wouldn’t buy a bra without ensuring the cup size is right, so why wouldn’t you do the same with swimwear? We stock a whole range of stunning styles dedicated specifically for DD-H cup sizes – so that you can adjust your size according to the already tailored bust!

Swimsuits which feature boning, gripper tape and underwire are a must have too when it comes to offering structure and support. If you’re looking at softening your bust shape at all instead of accentuating it, swimsuits with eye-catching mid and lower sections can help offset a top heavy appearance and create balance.

Brand such as: Freya, Prima Donna, RAQ, Sea Level, Fantasie and Elomi showcase ideal fits for bigger bust sizes.

P.S. For more info on bigger busts, head to our specialised blog post on 5 Must Have Bikinis for Big Busts.


Let’s embrace those curves! Our favourite styles for our curvy queens often include stunning cross over styles that both accentuate the waistline and flatter the bust. Panelling is also a great option for emphasising those curves. Side panelling in darker shades can minimise the waist further while A-line designs help contour curves and directs the eye smoothly.

Simultaneously, to try and flatter a fuller thigh, opt for bottoms with a little bit more coverage. High waist designs with power mesh can disguise the tummy and offer further support, whilst still showing off your gorgeous figure!

Small Booty

Wanting to really make that booty pop but unsure as to how? This is where frills and ruching come back into play, acting as a great asset to accentuate that booty. We also recommend searching for bright coloured bottoms or louder prints. Slightly higher waisted options that are still a little cheeky can also be a fabulous way to lift and sculpt your shape.

Peach perfect!

Big Booty

For our bootylicious babes. Whether you’re looking at embracing or disguising your bottom, the right swimwear will make you look and feel like the queen you are. Wanting to accentuate? Look for high cut leg lines, as this will help achieve an hourglass figure and lengthen your legs. If you’re on the hunt for a Kim K look, try out a cheeky styled back!

If you’d rather disguise and flatter the booty, a boyleg or skirted bottom will become your newest bestie. You can also draw attention away from the backside with A-line tops and bright, fun prints.

Athletic Body

Be loud, be proud! If you’re wanting to show off that muscle you’ve worked hard for, reach for styles such as the bandeau or one piece as these will enhance your athletic figure and frame. Show off those toned arms with high neck tops too – these will also offer a super flattering shape.

In the opposite respect, if you’d rather give the illusion of more curves, we’d suggest tops with cups and paddings. A little bit of frill will also help accentuate curves. Reach for some bright colours and prints which will offer a more feminine style too!

Tummy Control

We are all about confidence and feeling comfortable in swimwear, so if for you that’s finding a way to help flatter and disguise any tummy troubles, we’re here to help.

Flatter your silhouette with A-line styles and match with a high waisted pant underneath to smooth out any lines. Powermesh fabrication further assists with support. An alluring décolletage can also be enhanced with plunging necklines, tie front features, frills and ruching to bring the focus away from the tummy.

In contrast - for those wanting to elongate the leg line and bring the focus to the lower body choose bottoms that have a high cut or a tie side feature.


For our petite girls wanting to enhance their figures with a bit of curve, look no further than small minimal coverage styles (triangles are great for this) – as the minimal coverage won’t swamp your petite frame and can help to increase those curves.

If you’re on the shorter side too and want to really elongate those legs of yours try tie side and cheeky bottoms which will add volume and the illusion of length to your legs.

Reach for something with stripes and directional prints to further elongate your body!

And so there we have it!

Just a little insight into some of our favourite ways to accentuate and show off your specific body shape! We hope that you found this information helpful, but also remember that there are no exact rules when it comes to styling your body.

This is merely a guideline in case you get stuck.

So, if you feel amazing, confident, BEAUTIFUL in your swimwear – then guess what… that swimwear piece is perfect for you – regardless of anything else.

Rock it, queen!