Meet real life mum, Janet and her two beautiful children, Jazlyn (3) and Jett (1). 

Janet is a part time makeup artist from Melbourne, Victoria who enjoys spending her days getting out, being active with her kids and teaching them about being confident, healthy and happy in themselves. 

We sat down with Janet to talk about all things real. We dive into the struggles of her changing body post children, dealing with and overcoming body insecurities and most importantly, what the kids are cooking for breakfast Mother’s Day morning!

How do you spend your Mother’s Day and what’s on the menu for breakfast? 

Mother’s Day for me is usually spent surrounded by family, celebrating with my Mum, Nana and Aunty and then celebrating with my Mother-In-Law too!

The kids love cooking pancakes so if I had one guess it would be that they will be making those with Daddy on Mother’s Day morning.

What makes Mother’s Day special for you? 

Definitely spending time with my family. We have a very close family, so I always enjoy any time that we have together.

What’s your favourite thing about being a mum? 

 I don't think I could name just one thing! I really cherish the little moments. Something as small as having them both jump into bed with me in the morning for cuddles is something I really love! 

How has your body changed since having your two children? What would you say has been the biggest struggle? 

Since having my two babies my body has changed dramatically! I put on roughly 25kg during my first pregnancy and I struggled to lose the weight until after my second child was born. I now also have a lot of stretch marks across my stomach along with loose skin.

How have you overcome these insecurities/struggles? 

Since having my son I’ve managed to drop all the weight I gained during my first pregnancy which has given me my confidence back and made me feel like myself again! I still have my stretch marks and loose skin which I no longer choose to focus on and instead I focus on all the things about myself that make me happy.

Do you have any tips for other Mums out there that may be having the same or similar struggles? 

Try and focus on the positive things about yourself and the things that you can control! There is no point worrying about the things you can’t change.

If you can give your children one piece of advice dealing with body image in today’s world, what would it be? 

I want them to know that they should never compare themselves to anyone else. Everybody is different and beautiful in their own way.

What’s your favourite way to get active with the kids and why? 

We are a family that loves the water! Both of my kids have been swimming since they were 4 months old! We have lessons every week and I try and take them once a week to the local pool for some fun. During Summer we love spending our time outdoors at the beach and going on walks!

Why is it important for you to live an active/healthy lifestyle

I want to be able to keep up with my two energetic children and teach them to take care of and love their bodies. I think it’s so important to love yourself!

And lastly, what’s your favourite style of swimwear for your body and why? 

Personally, I always look for swimwear with a fitted cup to provide support. I think a fitted cup really makes all the difference.